Microsoft Certification: The Newest MCTS Tracks And Exams

Microsoft is revamping its certification tracks, and will eventually retire the common MCSE certificatons. The new certification setup is significantly like Cisco's, where you will find specialist certifications to go with the more common CCNA, then mid-level certifications including the CCNP, and then a more-advanced practical assessment modeled somewhat after the popular CCIE certification.

Microsoft's new specialist exams are the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) exams. As of March 2006, there have been five distinct MCTS Tracks. Identify further on the affiliated link - Click this webpage: informedseries. Three of them cope with.NET Framework 2.0; these are Windows Applications, the Web Application, and Distributed Applications qualifications. The candidate is required by each of these separate certifications to pass two tests. There is also a SQL Server 2005 certification, in addition to a Server 2006 single-exam certification.

The first question is \Why is Microsoft doing this?\ According to their web site, MS seems that IT hiring professionals today have a tough time deciding which computer qualifications best identify job candidates who best meet their needs. I understand it's an easy task to take verbal photographs at Microsoft (it will be an Olympic activity 1 day), but this new series of certs does have charm for hiring managers, which can only help qualified candidates. Rather than the more-general MCSE, which does still suffer from the overcertification of NT 4.0 MCSEs back in the time, these more-specific qualifications will make it easier for the job candidate to show that they'll do the job - and easier for the hiring manager to make an educated choice.

Microsoft has not introduced the track that will eventually replace the MCSE, but this track will be exposed together with the next client-server Windows launch. It's up-to you to stay informed of the changes, so I suggest you visit Microsoft's certification website often. If you believe anything, you will probably wish to check up about the guide to In case people need to be taught further about, we know of many databases you might think about pursuing. \I did not know\ is not much help once a certification ends!. For alternative ways to look at this, we recommend you gaze at: