Write Queen Says I Require Your Support

Therein lies my problem and why I need your aid. My purpose for writing is not to please me, but to satisfy your want for excellent reading. Im content no matter what I create because I like to write. To know my readers are happy with my writing is worth cash in the bank to me. (It greater be because...

I have been writing articles and blogs lately, not being aware of whether or not you, the reader, are pleased with what you read, or even if Im even writing about what you would like to study about.

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I am going to first inform you exactly where you can study my writing. I post them on http://www.justarticles.com, http://www.exinearticles.com, and http://www.articlecity.com and http://www.articlesgoaround.com and I not too long ago started a weblog and it is located at http://www.fredabd.hwyblogs.com, then press on my account on the left.

Id like to know who you are and what you do so that I can much better serve you.

What are your hobbies? What sort of operate do you do? Do you like what you do? If the correct chance came along, would you alter what you do? Husbands, does your wife operate outside the house? Would you like to bring her residence without receiving in a economic bind?

Are you married? Do you have a household nevertheless at house? Is your loved ones grown and out on their personal? Do you have grandchildren?

What are your fears and issues about work, income, the government, politics, and/or the industry place?

In other words, I want to know what you consider. What and who you are. I also require your picture, with or without your spouse, new or not so new who will know?

One factor I will not get involved in and wont acknowledge is something to do with religion (I hope you have that but if you dont you have a difficulty that I cant or wont solve for you), or hateful attitudes (I can take criticism far better than most) but keep your hateful attitudes to oneself.

You can create to me at gloryb2u@fredadouglas.com. Rest assured I dont outsource any of my function, and if you want an person answer I will attempt to do that, but this request is to get material

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